The June meeting of the New Mexico ISSA Chapter is scheduled for June 19, 2018, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

THERE IS NO FACE-TO-FACE MEETING THIS MONTH! The presentation will be hosted entirely online.

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Dial-in Number: (563) 999-2285
Access Code: 463808

Presentation: NERC-CIP: Lessons Learned from Protecting the Electric Grid

Despite how they are painted in the media, power utilities are ahead of the curve in their approach to cyber security. For some time now they have been on the front-line of the nation’s ongoing cyber defenses and they are painfully aware of that, helped along by a little-known standard referred to as NERC-CIP. We can learn a lot from the unique ways that power utilities have found to approach security and the CIP standard.  This presentation will look at some of their techniques – from the way they have blended security with decades of reliability experience to their strong defense-in-depth approach – and examine how they can be applied in other venues, helping us all learn what we can from their experience.

Your presenter is Lewis Campbell, a Senior Security and IT professional with significant experience in compliance, client-server database development, and industrial control systems (e.g., SCADA, DCS, EMS).  Lewis is a former employee of Microsoft Corporation – part of the team responsible for the development of the networking components (NDIS) of Windows.  Currently, Lewis is the President of Cintigy Systems Inc., serves on the board of Diné Development Corporation (a multi-million dollar technology service provider with offices worldwide) and is an accomplished college instructor, writer, and public speaker with an Advanced Communicator Bronze rating from Toastmasters International.

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